Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service

Office cleaning is done by our “POWER MAIDS” for you so that it is possible for every single type of business to be cleaned according to the standards that have come to define their business reputation. We do not have a prejudice when it comes to choosing a company to clean for. Our office cleaning services choose offices of any kind, and not only offices but warehouses as well. We are not merely an office cleaning company for we are a commercial cleaning company with dedicated maids who are skilled and professional.

Keep your corporate workplace clean and presentable in a professional and timely manner. Take advantage and book our convenient commercial office cleaning service.

  Vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping.

  Kitchen cleaning, doing the dishes.

  Bathroom and toilet cleaning.

  Balcony cleaning, bin bag replacement.

  Interior window cleaning (reachable areas);

  Office equipment cleaning & more

  Putting trash bags in dustbin. (Trash Bags should be provided by client)

  Emptying all dustbins and removal of waste.


AED 30.00/ 1Hr without material
AED 40.00/1Hr with material